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Asia Connect – Q1 2017

Asia connect

Frances POWELL

In the latest issue of ‘Asia Connect’, you will find valuable insights to carry you through 2017 including:

  • Our views on how a Trump administration could affect: Asia’s bond marks and Asia’s equity markets
  • An article on the digital economy gaining traction in India
  • Reasons why Indonesia appears to be exuding positive vibes though 2017
  • An article on the five ‘R’ themes for 2017’s China outlook: Risk mitigation, recovery, reflation, rotation and the Renminbi
  • Answers to the four crucial questions for China in this transitional year and how that would impact China A-shares
  • An evaluation of how the Chinese bond market will fare in this period encompassing both regulation and liberalisation
  • Insight on whether China’s banking system is stressed to breaking point

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About 'Asia Connect'

In a volatile market environment, one of the biggest challenges is to navigate through the ‘choppy waters’ and leverage multiple asset classes to strike a balance between risk and reward. Ultimately, you want to keep some peace of mind by taking reasonable level of risks while potentially increasing returns.

Whether you are trying to make sense of what’s happening at the forefront of Asian equities and fixed income; or contemplating a deep-dive into countries within the region; or seeking insights into the sources of investment return potential; or keeping pace of the latest on government reforms… Asia Connect has the breaking views to give you that head start.

Replacing Expert Eye on China, Asia Connect comes fully charged with an expanded scope of content, a refreshing spin of thoughts and a brand new look. Nonetheless, our dedication to explore China-related investment themes remains at the heart of this read. With the ongoing liberalisation of the China market, our experts’ eyes will help you make sense of these significant developments, their implications on your portfolios and how best to diversify your portfolio effectively without taking on undue risks.

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