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Key Takeaways

  • We are first of all stock pickers at C WorldWide. The stock specific dimension is the dominant factor, but it is our view that C WorldWide’s Trends and Themes support good Stock picking.
  • For us this is not a new fad or discipline as we have been Trend based, thematic stock pickers since our inception in 1990.
  • We are often asked how we use Trends and Themes in our work. This White Paper has the purpose of explaining just that.

Why trends and themes?

Trends and themes are the prisms through which we look at the world in order to understand and anticipate change in society.

Our trend-based, thematic investment approach helps us to differentiate between the day-to-day noise in markets and what is truly lasting knowledge that one can accumulate and hopefully provide superior investment insights over time. Stock markets are often myopic and short-term in nature reflecting biases in human behavior. This has become both more evident and pronounced over time. We believe that taking a long-term view is the best way to achieving alpha for active investment managers.

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