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C WorldWide Investment Report – Q1 2019

Global Equities

BNP Paribas Asset Management

Overview on Global Equities, how the rollout of 5G will play a central role in the geopolitical rivalry and C WorldWide’s view on India as a long-term investment opportunity in the coming 10 years

Many of the negative forces that troubled the stock markets last year now look to be behind us. Falling interest rates in the US have made financial conditions easier, and Chinese growth looks likely to bottom later this year as tightening measures are being relaxed. This is good news for export-driven economies around the world. In response, stock markets rose in the quarter.

Overall, the strategy is unchanged with a balanced portfolio structure of stable growth and thematic growth companies.

Report Highlights

  • C WorldWide’s outlook on Global Equities
  • The new Tech War and the geopolitics of 5G – Morten Springborg, Global Thematic Specialist
  • The India Opportunity – Abhinav Rathee, Portfolio Manager
  • A New and Reforming India – Abhinav Rathee, Portfolio Manager
  • C WorldWide Global Equities – First Quarter Commentary

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