Advisers Big Day Out

Investment Roadshows – Introducing C WordWide Asset Management (formerly known as Carnegie Asset Management)

The Advisers Big Day Out (ABDO) program is an independently conducted professional development Roadshow, by the Financial Standard. It is designed to give Financial Advisers and Planners an insight into some of the latest developments in the investment management field. A group of leading fund managers share their knowledge against the backdrop of today’s market and economic environment.

At the 2016 Investment Roadshow, Peter Evans, Senior Business Development Manager at BNP Paribas Asset Management, presented on C WorldWide Asset Management and the many insights that have been gained from their 25 years of investing.

This bespoke presentation explores the following topics:

  • Vital insights and some of the keys to investing successfully over the long term
  • The importance of investing with high conviction, identifying companies with strong business models and sustainable earnings
  • Some of the major investment themes and longer term trends that are likely to shape global share market returns in the years ahead.

Specific stock and market examples are used to illustrate how all these factors contribute to stock selection and enhance long term outcomes for investors.

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