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Bo Knudsen, Portfolio Manager for the C WorldWide Global Equity Trust, shares his insights on risks for global equity managers over the next  12 months, the impact of nationalist on multinational companies and where growth opportunities currently exist in global equities.

This video has been produced and authorised by BNP PARIBAS ASSET MANAGEMENT Australia Limited ABN 78 008 576 449, AFSL 223418 (“BNPP AMAU”) and C WorldWide Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S (“C WorldWide”). C WorldWide  is regulated by the Danish Financial Services Authority under Danish laws, which differ from Australian laws. In Australia, C WorldWide is exempt from the requirement to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence by operation of ASIC relief. C WorldWide is permitted to provide financial product advice in certain classes of financial products to wholesale clients.

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