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Why Artificial Intelligence matters to China and other emerging markets?

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BNP Paribas Asset Management

AI technologies are gaining momentum,also in emerging markets (EM), and in China. Read our white paper to find out more.

Given the high potential to boost productivity dramatically, AI technologies are gaining momentum, also in emerging markets (EM), and in China in particular as the country shifts from a capital-intensive model to a consumption-based economy. As a point in case, machine-learning systems are being adopted quickly in sectors such as consumption, logistics, health care, and oil & gas.

We believe that building an AI ecosystem will be essential in accelerating AI development in EM. Indeed, most EM countries have favourable policies toward AI adoption. At the same time, demographics are acting as a tailwind.

In China, AI has considerable potential given its vast population, the large volume of data available, a deep pool of talents, people’s tendency to adopt new technologies quickly as well as government support.

A number of emerging markets are already at the forefront of AI. Many companies from the region are emerging to benefit from AI, either as technology drivers or as early adopters in traditional industries. We believe this creates significant opportunities for investors.


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