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C WorldWide Investment Report – Q3 2019

Global Equities

BNP Paribas Asset Management

C WorldWide’s overview on Global Equities & Insights on the Cloud as the foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises and on the potential of payment services

The global economic outlook remains stable for now. However, the political uncertainty and the ongoing US-China trade dispute continues to depress sentiment and push volatility higher. In the quarter, most equity markets were slightly up, however the Hong Kong stock market fell significantly after the public unrest continued to unfold. The strategy gained 3.6% in the quarter, while the MSCI AC World Index gained 4.0%. The strategy remained unchanged with a balanced structure of stable growth and thematic growth companies.

Report Highlights

  • C WorldWide’s outlook on Global Equities – Bo Knudsen, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager
  • Cloud Computing at an inflection point – Morten Springborg, Global Thematic Specialist
  • Payment Services Potential – Jakob Greisen, Portfolio Manager
  • C WorldWide Global Equities ex. Tobacco – Third Quarter Commentary

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