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Traditional Value Equity with Barrow Hanley

In our latest video, Cory Martin, Equity Portfolio Manager of the Barrow Hanley Global Equity Trust, takes a moment to discuss traditional value investing.

ESG Investing in Australia

Watch our interview with Bruce Jenkyn-Jones, Portfolio Manager for the BNP Paribas Environmental Equity Trust as he provides us with his insights on ESG investing in Australia.

Global Growth Equity with Bo Knudsen

Bo Knudsen, Portfolio Manager for the C WorldWide Global Equity Trust, shares his insights on risks for global equity managers over the next  12 months, the impact of nationalist on multinational companies and where growth opportunities currently exist in global equities.

Impact Investing with David Li

David Li, Senior Portfolio Manager for the BNP Paribas Environmental Equity Trust, shares his thoughts on making an impact via investing, links between achieving above benchmark returns and making a positive ESG impact.

C WorldWide Asset Management - Equity, Market Outlook June 2017

Bo Knudsen, CEO and Portfolio Manager at C WorldWide Asset Management, shares his thoughts on the equity market, what are the new trends and what to expect in the next 3 to 5 years.

Impax Asset Management

Impax Asset Management is specialising in investing globally in public and private environmental and resource efficiency markets. Discover Impax’s investment process and opportunity set.

Arnhem Australian Equities

In the ‘Arnhem Australian Equities’ series, Arnhem Investment Management share the insights gained through their in-depth industry structure analysis and company research.

2016 Advisers Big Day Out

The Advisers Big Day Out (ABDO) program is an independently conducted professional development Roadshow. At the 2016 Investment Roadshow, Peter Evans, Senior Business Development Manager at BNP Paribas Asset Management, presented on C WorldWide Asset Management, formerly Carnegie Asset Management.

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