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Renaissance of the Subscription Model in a Digital Era

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In today’s cloud and streaming based world, the subscription model has attracted ever more attention over the past few years, from both consumers as well as businesses.

The subscription model is far from new. It dates back to the emergence of a more organized and formal diffusion of journals and books in Europe during the 18th century. It occurs, and has been found, in many different examples of analogue and print publications – newspapers and journals, but also concert series, health clubs, razors, pet food, and many more. Not to mention book clubs that were so popular a few decades ago.

Digital subscriptions

As a result of the digitalization and the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for digital subscriptions has almost exploded, and it is the digital subscription model that we are focusing on here. This is where the service that is subscribed to is also delivered digitally. The background to the rapid growth is, of course, technological progress,with increased bandwidth, faster transmission speeds, new devices such as smartphones and tablets, and storage moving to the cloud.

Added to this is the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to many people spending more time at home, while social and physical distancing requirements have also meant that they have opted for more individual activities.

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