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RI Australia 2020 – Leadership today for impact tomorrow

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RIAA conference


RI Australia 2020 – Leadership today for impact tomorrow

From modern slavery to climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges facing Australia and the rest of the world continue to mount, however the unique role finance and investment can play in contributing to solutions is becoming clear.

Tickets are now on sale for RI Australia 2020, taking place online on Friday 27 November.

Hosted by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA), RI Australia 2020 brings together the finance industry to reflect on the progress made in responsible investing, shine a light on the pioneers and leaders in sustainable finance, and focus in on the pathways and opportunities for driving stronger financial and impact performance into the future.


Sessions include:

  • Political insights into the role of finance in Australia’s coming decade
  • Lessons from pioneers of RI
  • Beyond quotas: When gender becomes material
  • Human Capital: What happens when you view human rights through the investor lens
  • Sorting the washing: Greenwash, standards and the role of certification
  • From avoiding harm to building positive impact into a client portfolio: Sharing approaches by leading advisers and foundations
  • A bold plan to reshape Australia’s financial system: Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative Roadmap unpacked


Exhibiters will be available for virtual meetings and visits to their virtual exhibition booths all day.

Join us at RI Australia 2020 and secure your TICKETS HERE

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