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Riding the Green Wave in Emerging Markets

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Key Insights

  • The need to improve general public health in Asia creates good investment opportunities. Especially improvements related to the environment and air pollution offer multi-year growth potential.

China and India are among the world’s most polluted countries. We regularly see pictures of what looks like heavy fog in the most densely populated areas. The fog is a disturbing image of the actual density of pollutants. As illustrated in figure 1 on the next page, both China and India are facing serious challenges.

China has been working to promote renewable energy sources for several years. In fact, solar and wind renewables in China saw 50% annual growth in production capacity in the period1990-2019. China is today the world’s leading producer of solar energy, but in spite of this position, renewable energy still accounts for only 15% of the country’s total energy consumption. This picture will change dramatically in the coming years, however, with green energy becoming much more dominant and relevant in China, but also in the rest of the emerging markets universe.

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